o n e


integrated  energywork

R E I K I  |  C R Y S T A L S  |  G E O M E T R Y


universal  life force  energy       

channelled  +  structured

mind  /  body  /  spirit

balanced  +  aligned       

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t a b l e

deep healing immersion

c h a i r

auric adjustment

r e m o t e

energywork beyond proximity

h o m e

spatial harmonization


When I was a child, I learned the word infinity. It was the quality of anything and everything all at once - without end and without beginning. I was fascinated. And I had to know where to find it.

In 2014, I learned the word reiki. It was universal life-force energy, which sounded a lot like infinity to me. I had one session, and something clicked. Two months later I started training with my teacher, and I've been practicing ever since.

one ENERGETICS is an integrative culmination of my energywork education, intuition, research and direct experience. I'm inspired by how matter and energy interface with our spirit. To me, it's the closest I've come to knowing infinity. 

Benjamin Lang

reiki master / teacher


k i n d   w o r d s

"Ben has a gift for creating a safe space where one can rest, heal and transform.  From the outset, a sense of calm, peace and trust enters my being as I take deep breaths. During the session, it feels as if Ben opens up a portal and then continues to protect and guide my journey while I access the universal love to which we are all connected.  I am very grateful for these sessions with Ben and hope to experience more."




2 Saint Nicholas Avenue, Suite 55

Brooklyn, NY 11237

sessions by appointment:

one  ENERGETICS is a grateful member of the Reiki Membership Association, a collection of Reiki Masters trained in Usui-Tibetan Reiki.