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tools + teachings

to empower your healing

m i s s i o n
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Wisdom says we're all one

Each of us souls sourced from an infinite creation,


Physics says we're all energy

Each of us vibrations slow enough to touch

And life says we're all here

Each of us authors of our own experience-

One Energetics is a resource for fellow seekers

Each of us awakening into a more spiritual world, together.

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s e r v i c e s
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Comprehensive training in channeling and guiding

universal life force energy


Group meditative journeys through the

balancing of our seven main energy centers

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b i o


I'm Benjamin Lang,
creator of One Energetics -
and the guy in that picture.

Growing up, I always knew our physical world was in harmony with a spiritual reality - one beyond space, beyond time, beyond words.

And in this expanse resides the great mystery of its very existence.

I believe that when we commune with this spiritual presence in balance with our mind and body, we embark on a healing journey toward our own reunion.

One Energetics is a presentation of my work so far - a synthesis of research, education, intuition and direct experience. It's here to help ground the lightning of our individual and collective awakening.

c o n t a c t


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One Energetics is a grateful member of the

Reiki Membership Association, a collection of Reiki Masters trained in Usui-Tibetan Reiki.

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