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Technology for Earth's Evolution

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One Energetics elevates the human experience,

Laying the technical foundation for true energy innovation.

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Ready to shape the future?

If you're an investor, partner or advisor dedicated to evolving energy, book a call to explore how we can work together.

We invite all groups and individuals active in the fields of sustainability, green technology and alternative energy.

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I'm Benjamin Lang, Founder + CEO of One Energetics.

Ever since I was a teenager, I felt called to our planet's ecological crisis. This early interest led me to study design and policy solutions in college. Inspired, I dug deeper and realized my passion was in the technological solutions to energy -- what I believe to be the most essential.

I began what became a decade--long journey of research and development, visiting laboratories on the cutting edge of applying advanced alternative energy systems. I took the best of what I witnessed and created a model of how to deliver it to the world.


One Energetics is a company of visionaries, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs -- all independent thinkers dedicated to grounding the lightning of high impact inventions. We are in service to our planet and people, with our sights set on a new and brighter generation.

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