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as physicalized vibration,

we are where the material meets the immaterial.

what we imagine, we create.


and what we think, feel and believe live invisible lives around our bodies known as biofields.

energywork is the conscious engagement

of these dynamic fields of information.

one ENERGETICS is a modality of channelling and structuring universal life force energy via reiki, crystals and geometry.

Fractal Circles_edited.jpg
Fractal Circles_edited.jpg
Fractal Circles_edited.jpg
Fractal Circles_edited.jpg
Fractal Circles_edited.jpg


Reiki is a system of channelling universal life force energy through the gentle laying of the hands. The energy feels like a nourishing stream of peace that soothes stress, unravels anxiety and lightens the load of being.

The Reiki of one ENERGETICS is Usui-Tibetan Reiki, a fusion of two traditions: the original Japanese system created by Sensei Mikao Usui and an ancient form of Tibetan energy medicine.


Crystals are solidified living light. They are timeless forms that have been used in healing all around the world since prehistoric times. Indeed ancient technologies, crystals structure universal life force energy as powerful instruments that focus and amplify the energetic working.

Geometry is number in space. The phenomenon of number is discovered rather than invented, and when patterned, geometries emerge upon a plane of perspective. 

energywork is the facilitation of a healing experience. 


we are all the healers of our own selves.

and the deeper we go,

the more vividly we reunite with ourselves.

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